How do I find a home for a pet?

Gainesville Pet Rescue rescues the majority of its animals from the Alachua County Animal Shelter. We are only able to take in owned animals on a case by case basis. Please call if you need assistance.

How to find your pet a new home:

  1. Make up a flyer with pet’s picture, general information and personality and place copies in veterinary offices/pet stores, etc.
  2. Research Petfinder.com website
  3. Advertise in newspaper
  4. Word of mouth

As a last resort, take animal to shelter. The animal will at least have a chance to be examined by a veterinarian and if it pasess a health and temperament screening it would be placed up for adoption.There is also a chance that GPR could rescue it but there are no guarantees!!! If you call us with the animal number given to the animal at the shelter, we will do our best to look at it for you.
The best chance the pet has is for the owner to take the responsibility to find it a home.

Where are you located?

Our new address is 5403 SW Archer Road, Gainesville, Florida 32608.
We are located on Archer Road, 1 mile West of I-75, next to Dogwood park.

From I-75, take Archer Rd Exit and go West ~ 1mile. Take a Left into Dogwood Park. Immediately take a left onto the dirt road just after you enter the driveway to Dogwood Park. GPR is the pale yellow house with the purple door to the left of the park.back to top

What should I do if I find a stray?

We are sorry but we do not take in strays! The law states that it is unlawful to keep a stray.

Things to consider:
Does it look like it could belong to someone, ie. have tag or collar, well groomed, good condition?

If you take it to the shelter, an owner will have the chance to claim it. You can tell the shelter that if the pet is not reclaimed, you want to adopt it and they will give you the first option to adopt.

If animal is in poor condition, legally you should still turn pet into the shelter. The shelter has a veterinarian on staff. If you choose not to take the animal to shelter, please consider taking it to a veterinarian for a health exam.

Can GPR rescue a pet that I saw at the Animal Shelter?

If you provide GPR with the animal number we can try to check on the animal when we go to the shelter. We can try to follow it through the process at the shelter. There are no guarantees that we will get it. It has to pass a health exam and temperament screening. In most cases it will be moved into the adoptable section for the general public to adopt first. GPR rescues animals that are running out of time and young animals, epsecially litters, that have no chance at all of being adopted. We also rescue animals with minor health/behavioral problems. Unfortunately we can not save them all.